Elf Training #1: Secrets Keep You Safe

Greetings, Elves!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Elf Roger Star. I am the International Director of Santa Trackers for

This is the first of several training lessons you will be receiving over the course of the next couple of months. Our goal is to help you succeed as an elf and to show you how to both work and have fun in your duties.

Like all jobs, there are rules. Rules are there for many reasons. Some rules are about maintaining a certain kind of look or style or standard to an effort. Rules are also there to protect you in some ways or to protect Santa or the North Pole. Rules are necessary.

Today I want to you to learn about keeping secrets.

Secrets are a big part of the Santa effort. Everyone knows, for example, that Santa will fly around the world on Christmas. Most understand even when he will take off. But they don’t know his exact flight path or when he will arrive at any given location.

Some of those things are kept highly secret. Many elves even here in Flight Command don’t know those secrets.

Letting those secrets out would be bad. If a bad person had that information they could do bad things. So we keep some details secret.

There are things you should keep secret, too.

When you became an elf you had to come up with your elf name. Why do you need an elf name? Because your real name should be a secret. It’s ok for people to know you as Elf Jingles (or whatever your chosen elf name is). If they know Elf Jingles did an elf thing, that’s good. But if they also know it’s Elf Jingles who is really Janey Peterson (or whatever your real name is) that would NOT be good.

Your real name needs to remain a secret. When you are in the course of your duties, you should never use your real name. On this website, for example, you go by your elf name. Not your real name. You understand? This website is where you do elf stuff. Elf work. You need to use only your elf name here. When you talk to other elves they should use their elf name and you should always use your elf name.

Other things about you should remain secret too: where you live, how old you are, where you go to school or work, etc. Nobody here needs that information. It should be good enough for them to know that you are an elf.

Some of you like to organize into tracker groups. Those groups might even meet locally. That’s ok. Just use your elf names when you do elf work — even together.

If you have a hard time keeping secrets you need to work on that. We talk a lot of secrets here in the course of tracking Santa here that the rest of the world does not need to know. What you see here, what you say here, stays here. Secret.

That’s lesson #1.

Any questions? Okay, respond below but use your elf name!