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More Elf Promotions Announced with State Representatives

We are pleased to announce new State and Province Representatives for Christmas 2021. According to the job description, this is what a State/Province Representative does:

A state representative works for the elves AND BELIEVERS of Santa in any given state or province. They are charged with being the voice of the people TO THE NORTH POLE. In other words, if there are any concerns about anything that people of the state want to have brought to the attention of Santa or the North Pole it flows through these representatives.

This is a very serious job.

As a state or province representative you will be charged with teaching people of your area of responsibility how to become elves, where they can get more news and information and Santa and the North Pole and you will relay to those in your area any information Santa and the North Pole feels is of urgent conveyance to the people.

It will take us some time to update the Elf Map but here are the State/Province Representative elf promotions we have completed so far:

Elf Drew – Idaho, USA
Elf Slimey C – California USA
Elf William P. – Oregon, USA
Elf Babe – Washington, USA
Elf Foster T.– Utah, USA
Elf Jaime – Wyoming, USA
Elf Action Jackson – Nevada, USA
Elf Desert Rat – Arizona, USA
Elf Pee Wee – Texas, USA
Elf Gnome – Colorado, USA
Elf Frostberry – Kansas, USA
Elf Tinselhead – Nebraska, USA
Elf Bernard II – South Dakota, USA
Elf Sparkle Nose – Minnesota, USA
Elf Danielle – Iowa, USA
Elf Josie – Missouri, USA
Elf Ellie – Arkansas, USA
Elf Howard – Mississippi, USA
Elf Lil Lady – Louisiana, USA
Elf Noel – Alabama, USA
Elf Grady – Georgia, USA
Elf Beach Baby – Florida, USA
Elf Sassy – South Carolina, USA
Elf Gloria – North Carolina, USA
Elf Frankie – Tennessee, USA
Elf Bahama Mama – Kentucky, USA
Elf Dieter – West Virginia, USA
Elf Gabby – Virginia, USA
Elf Cheeser – Wisconsin, USA
Elf Homer – Michigan, USA
Elf Kylie W.– Illinois, USA
Elf Penny Rene – Indiana, USA
Elf Victoria – Ohio, USA
Elf Clausman – Pennsylvania, USA
Elf Yankee Doodle – New York, USA
Elf Blueberry – Maine, USA
Elf Paul R. – Connecticut, USA
Elf Vinny – New Jersey, USA
Elf Della – Delaware, USA
Elf Kenny D. – Rhode Island, USA
Elf Hazel – Quebec, Canada
Elf Eh – Ontario, Canada
Elf Maynard – Manitoba, Canada
Elf Jilly – Saskatchewan, Canada
Elf Fudge Boy – Alberta, Canada
Elf Filly – British Columbia, Canada

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Elf Sandy Claus
Department of Elf Resources at the Santa Claus LTD.
Elf Sandy Claus heads the Department of Elf Resources at the North Pole. It is a very big job.

She is in charge of elf recruitment, hiring, training, payroll and benefits. In such a role she know just about everybody at the North Pole.

Elf Sandy gets lots of questions about her name. And here is the truth: no, she is not related to Mr. or Mrs. Claus in any way. Here name is merely a coincidence.
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Elf Cookie Dough

Congratulations everyone!