Sector 4 Needs Elves

Sector 4 Needs Elves

Hi Gang,

Well, it’s much worse than I thought. Last month I predicted our goal would be about 30 million elves total for Sector 4. Of course, that was before Santa held his big press conference and set the new goal.

Well….we’re going to need to top 40 million here in Sector 4 if we are to help with the big goal Santa set. I frankly don’t know how we’re going to do it.

Last month we tallied 11,325,422 total elves. Right now, according to the latest report Elf Flip published, we’re at 11,370,188 – only an increase of about 50,000 elves in a month.

That’s a little depressing.

But…it’s only the end of July. We know December is the big month for adding new elves. I get that. But we need to find a way to increase our numbers.

I don’t want you getting discouraged. Leave that to me (haha!).

But let’s put our heads together and see where we can find some elves, shall we?

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Elf Tubby Ryder
Tracking Center Director -- Central & South America at the North Pole Tracking Department
Elf Tubby is well known to those familiar with North Pole flight operations, where he has served as an Associate Director Flight Director for many years. He has given Christmas Eve flight service in many places all over the world, most notably in 1994 when Santa had to move all his flight operations to the South Pole. Elf Tubby coordinated that project.

Tubby has a large family of 18 children. He, his wife Delores and children live on a converted reindeer ranch not far from town. Tubby is an avid skier and is often found on Mt. Frosty here at the North Pole after Christmas is over, where he volunteers as a Ski Patrol member. Tubby is also a master chef, having attended school in Italy many years ago.
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Elf Ullrich

You can do it Sector 4!