Sector 1 Slow Recruiting Start

Sector 1 Off to Slow Recruiting Start

The official report from Elf Flip for our tally of tracker elves in Sector 1 shows a 4% increase since last month. There are roughly 7.4 million tracker elves now in Sector 1.

I don’t mind telling you that the conference call we had after Santa’s announcement of the goal last week was a little uncomfortable. Our goal as a sector for this year is just shy of 19 million.

That means we have five months to get to 19 million. By my calculations that means we need to increase by nearly 78,000 tracker elves on any given day. But that is if we do the straight math. We know that tracker elves just don’t sign up that way.

We know, for example, that the month of December alone will account for about 35% of what we need. After hours on a calculator we have whittled it all down to this:

If every elf in Sector 1 recruits just one new elf a month — we meet the goal!!

Now, let me explain what the other challenge is: Sector 1 is very spread out and populated by many thousands of island nations and villages. Most of our tracker elves are in Australia or New Zealand. Major South Pacific islands just as Fiji and Tonga have plenty of trackers. But others, especially the tiny islands, have none at all.

So that’s our work right now – figure out where we do not have the elves and see if we can find elves to fill those spots.

I’m working on a recruiting plan, trackers. I have the Department of Elf Resources assisting me.

We ARE going to meet this goal because we will have a plan, and we will be focused and we will work very hard.


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Elf Randi Hume
Tracking Center Director -- South Pacific at the Santa Claus Ltd
Ms. Hume has worked for many years at the North Pole as a senior flight planner and associate test pilot. She brings many years of flight experience. Elf Randi will be supported by a staff of elves charged with tracking Santa and aiding in logistics of freight and reindeer movement in the assigned sector.
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Elf Hannah

You can do it, sector 1!