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Welcome, School Teachers

Hello everyone! My name is Elf Lindy LaRoo and I am an Elf Trainer serving as an ambassador to a special group of elves – school teachers!

Between this site and we frequently are contacted by and work with school teachers. My job is to customize your experience.

We work with school teachers to customize lesson plans, arrange contact with key elves at the North Pole (including Santa and Mrs. Claus), and to develop new site features that are useful in the classroom.

We also work with homeschool teachers and educators in every country at every level. Whatever your needs are, we are here to serve.

Tracking Santa should not only be a fun experience, it should be a learning experience!

Now that many schools are back in session we are beginning to hear from teachers and students everywhere. I am posting today to remind you I’m your elf! Feel free to reach out to me via private message right here on or via the form below. Thanks!

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Elf Lindy LaRoo
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