Secrets of Santa’s Flight

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Secrets of Santa's Flight

Secrets of Santa’s Flight is the topic of this episode of the Santa Tracker Podcast – which is really a follow up to the North Pole Podcast episode that Elf Crash and I did over the weekend for

In that episode we tried to answer the question of how Santa gets around the world in one night. Elf Crash caused a minor controversy with his opinions of non-believers.

In this episode, Elf Crash is even more strong in his opinions. We discuss why he might or might not be wrong about non-believers and how answering their questions is quite different than answering the questions of genuine Santa tracker elves.

We also explore a number of those questions in the episode. Real questions coming from real tracker elves go far in revealing more of the secrets of Santa’s flight.

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