North Pole Navy on the Move

The North Pole Navy is repositioning for later coordination this next week with flights of Santa’s sleigh. We’re not sure if that means our Sector or Sectors 4 or 5, so I’m just passing along the news. We can anticipate several days of test flights over the Pacific…somewhere.

The coordination with the North Pole Navy is interesting. They serve as floating tracking centers most of the time but they are also emergency landing zones for flying sleighs. Santa has never had to use one that way but a few freighter sleighs and other kinds of flights have found the North Pole Navy to be quite helpful, especially in resting reindeer and breaking up long flights.

Each ship has food, water, medical facilities for both elves and reindeer and even a remote sleigh repair shop. They are there to help if help is needed.

They have already been working on communications with the Navy and that is going well.

But the purpose of these flights, I’m told, is to test sleigh capabilities over open waters. These are very important tests because Santa spends much of his flying time over the oceans.

They will be testing how the sleigh performs in both high and low altitudes, loaded and unloaded, and fast and slow speeds. These tests will be conducted both night and day.

This won’t be a great week for possible sleigh sightings….until maybe later in the week.

One of us will let you know. It depends on where they are going next and weather conditions they want to encounter. Right now, we are not sure where that will be.

I would just tell all sectors to be ready to submit weather reports, especially around the end of the week. So heads up!

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Elf Randi Hume
Tracking Center Director -- South Pacific at the Santa Claus Ltd
Ms. Hume has worked for many years at the North Pole as a senior flight planner and associate test pilot. She brings many years of flight experience. Elf Randi will be supported by a staff of elves charged with tracking Santa and aiding in logistics of freight and reindeer movement in the assigned sector.
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ELF Ginger

Can’t wait to see which sector is next, hoping its sector 5, hehe!

Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Randi! I’m happy to hear about the Navy working well. I think each ship is very big. I understand the test flights need to check more with different situation. The oceans make many typhoons this season but don’t in December. And waves on the oceans are up and down very much while passing through typhoons this and next week. I’m glad if this information could help them. Anyway, I’ll focus on the next news and I’m ready anytime to submit the weather report, thank you!