Shine Sector 5

Time to Shine, Sector 5

Ok, so I’ve had a few freak out messages today from a few who heard Santa’s news conference. Seems some of you think that 200 million tracker elf goal is impossible.

I’d like to break it down for you in simple terms. It’s really not so bad.

First of all, there are 8 BILLION people in the world. Santa is only asking for 200 million. Piece of cake. 200 million is NOTHING compared to how many people there actually are.

Now, as I’ve told you before, we are the biggest sector. Who has the most expectations put on them by being the biggest? US!!!

And I’m telling ya right now, that’s a good thing. According to the most recent numbers from Elf Flip there are just short of 17 million tracker elves in Sector 5 – right now. Think about it. Right now in the heat of July we nearly have a fifth of the total number of elves that Santa is going to need — right now! That’s better than 30 percent of all elves in the world – right NOW – are in our sector.

I figure it’s going to take us to grow to 90 million elves in Sector 5 by December 23rd if we’re to do our part. 90 million minus 17 million = 73 million. With 23 weeks left roughly until Christmas that means we only need to come up with a little more than 3 million a week.

Well, how hard can that be?

I’ve done the math. If every elf just finds FIVE friends between now and December 23rd and helps them to become tracker elves — guess what? — WE WILL BEAT THE 90 MILLION MARK EASILY.

You can’t find five people from all your family, friends, teachers, leaders, and neighbors who want to help Santa Claus?


This goal is going to be easy.

Don’t get discouraged. We’ve been through this before. The last ten days or so before Christmas are AMAZING and this is when the big numbers will come in. And they WILL come in.

Mark it down. Circle this day on the calendar when I told you this is going to happen and that it’s no big deal. Sector 5 will lead the way. It’s our time to shine.

We can do this!

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Elf Pinky
Tracking Center Director -- North America at the North Pole Tracking Department
Elf Pinky was recruited from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1992 and has since served as an instructor in sleigh flight theory at the North Pole Institute of Aviation. She worked very hard to earn her elf credentials, working a second shift first as a tool repair technician in Santa’s workshop and then as an engineer in the Wrapping Department designing wrapping machines. Pinky in recent years was a recruiter and trainer of sleigh test pilots and flies under the call sign Barracuda. Last year she served as a Flight Operations Director and demonstrated outstanding judgment and maturity in her duties supervising more than 400 elves, pilots, reindeer handlers and sleigh freighters.
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Elf Sugar Cookie

Thank you for your encouragement! This goal is a little nerve-wracking but I know we can do it! I don’t think any of my friends would be interested, but I guess (I hope) it wouldn’t hurt to bring it up!

Elf Ullrich

I am sure we can accomplish this goal!

Elf Cookie Dough

Thank you Elf Pinky that is a big goal but I’m confident that we can succeed I will try to recruit as many as I can most people look at me like I’ve totally lost my marbles or something but I will try my best!


I’m sure we can do it!! It’s tough but we got this.

Elf Kringle

We can do it and the goal is a little nerve racking and thank you for the encourgement but I know we can do it and I will try to recruit as many friends as possible and the goal will be tough but we can do it