About Elf University

Elf University at SantaTrackers.net is produced by a team of elves at Southern North Pole University and the staff at SantaTrackers.net.

The goal of Elf University is to house a ready resource for anyone who is an elf working for Santa anywhere in the world.

We chose to build this resource at SantaTrackers.net because come every December 24th, after Santa launches from the North Pole, every elf, no matter what they do on a daily basis, becomes a tracker elf.

A tracker elf is the very most important elf there is. That is why it is important for every tracker elf to be properly trained on what it means to be an elf and, even more important, how they can be the best tracker elf they can as they track Santa for Santa.

We thank the following elf for their help in developing Elf University:

Executive Team

Elf Dr. Grant Smedley – Professor of Santa Claus & North Pole History at Southern North Pole University – @elfsmedley
Elf Ernest – Senior Vice President of Public Relations, North Pole – @ernest
Elf Roger Star – International Director of Santa Trackers – @elfroger
Elf Sandy Claus – Department of Elf Resources – @sandyclaus

SantaTrackers.net Team

Elf Max – Webmaster, SantaTrackers.net – @elfmax
Elf Harold Star – Editor, Santa Tracker Herald Star – @elf-harold-star
Elf Crash Murphy – Executive Tracker Consultant – @elfcrash
Elf Frank Myrrh – North Pole Radio News – @frankmyrrh
Elf Trixie – Reporter, North Pole News Department – @trixie

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