This is it!

This is the place and now is the time to officially begin checking in to track Santa’s flight.

Why do we ask you to check in?

There are several reasons. First, we need to know how many elves in each sector are actually on the job. Many people sign up to become elves but not all of them work once they get the job. Checking in tells us that you’re there and that you’re the real deal.

Checking in also helps us in case we need to contact you for some reason. What if Santa needs help? We can’t always get to Santa where he is. But if we have a tracker elf that we know and trust, and he or she has checked in, we know who to turn to in case of an emergency.

Knowing that you are there means we can also issue instructions based on the number of trackers in each sector. If there are many elves, we can ask for more things than if there are only a few elves to do the job.

Checking in is quick, just fill out the information below.