Basic Elf Training

Tracker Elf Job Description

Job Description: Tracking Santa for Santa is the job of the Tracker Elf. Each Tracker Elf works from wherever they live in the world and sends in reports to North Pole Flight Command.

With enough elves working in this capacity we ensure Santa gets around the world on time and returned safely to the North Pole.

A tracker elf is responsible for observing local conditions. These observations include weather, local ground conditions, the overall condition of roof tops and chimneys, and other items of interest to Santa and North Pole Flight Command.

Elves work year round by following North Pole News and information relative to Operation Merry Christmas. Tracker elves report to an Elf Supervisor located in their sector. Elf Supervisors provide direction to all elves in the sector.

Job Responsibilities: A tracker elf, whether a Freelance Elf or a North Pole Elf, is responsible for the following:

  • Tracking Santa using Official North Pole News sources, trackers and maps
  • Observe local weather, traffic conditions and general Christmas environment
  • Inspect roofs, chimneys, yards, fences and potential obstacles
  • Evaluate Christmas trees, stockings and decorations
  • Report as required to North Pole Flight Command
  • Be available for special elf projects


  • Unwavering belief in Santa
  • Know and teach The Elf Code
  • Take the Elf Oath and live by its principles
  • Join the Ancient Order of Elves in the Service of Santa
  • Possess a spirit that is can-do, positive, cheerful and never complains
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