Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve in Sector 1

Fellow elves – Sector 1 just entered the Red Zone. It is now past midnight on December 24th in the far eastern time zones in our sector. We’re on the clock.

No new reports are needed at this time. But keep checking back.

The Red Zone means that we are on active duty. While Santa has NOT yet launched from the North Pole (that will not happen for another 20 hours or so) there is a LOT of activity at the North Pole that will affect our sector.

Thousands of sleighs will be launch. The North Pole Navy will be activated. We already have field tracker elves in position and North Pole Radio News personnel are also here.

In fact, the Tracking Santa Around the World live radio broadcast has begun, indicating that new coverage of worldwide activity of the Santa effort has kicked in.

When Santa launches from the North Pole it will be late afternoon to early evening in our Sector. We anticipate Santa arriving to make his first deliveries sometime between 10pm and midnight local time.

Given that it is summer is some of the most populated areas of our Sector Santa traditionally holds off delivery until later hours.

This means everything comes a little late for us compared to other sectors – report requests come late, bedtime advisories come late and, of course, Santa himself comes later.

You will want to check in often for news updates and report requests.

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Elf Randi Hume
Tracking Center Director -- South Pacific at the Santa Claus Ltd
Ms. Hume has worked for many years at the North Pole as a senior flight planner and associate test pilot. She brings many years of flight experience. Elf Randi will be supported by a staff of elves charged with tracking Santa and aiding in logistics of freight and reindeer movement in the assigned sector.
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Elf Ulan

Thank you for telling us know. Exciting! Okay, I’m ready for report requests anytime, and I will continue check news updates!