Attention all elves! This is official, straight from Santa himself — our first call to action by the Big Guy.

Santa has asked that all registered tracker elves send in a roof report from their neighborhood as soon as you can do it.

Click here to access the report.

The roof report is a very important tool for Santa. He spends a lot of time on roof-tops. He needs you to tell him what you know or can see not only for your roof but also for the other roofs in your neighborhood.

Is it big enough for the sleigh? Does it have a place for the reindeer to stand? Is it in good condition?

Any information that you can provide would be very useful. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below.


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Elf Roger Star
International Director of Santa Trackers at the North Pole Flight Command
Roger is an experienced sleigh pilot, designer and flight engineer who has worked the past 42 years as a flight supervisor in the Tracking Department at the North Pole. Previous to that Roger served as a designer in the Research and Development Department during the crucial years of 1947-1974, an era known for breakout designs in Santa’s sleigh that broke long standing speed records. Roger was the lead designer of Santa’s 1968 sleigh, famous for surviving a brutal blizzard in Bavaria.