Sector 4

Sector HQ: To be announced
Command Center Director: Elf Tubby Ryder
Broadcast Start Time on Kringle Radio: 23 December @ 6:00
Local Time for Santa’s Scheduled Launch: 24 December @ 2:00

sparkleSector 4 includes all of Greenland and South America. People in this part of the world love Santa so much they would vote for him for President. Santa has to make sure he works quickly and doesn’t get caught in these areas because people just want to take him to all their parties — and never let him go. Many of these areas celebrate Christmas in warm weather, so there are usually issues with late-night partyers. The longer they delay going to bed to long North America has to wait for Santa to come.

Issues that Santa runs into in this sector: Frequent delivery delays and re-routing due to late night celebrations on Christmas Eve. Large public gatherings keep people out late and prevent them from getting home and in bed before Santa comes. There is a higher rate of close encounters with Santa in South and Central America than there is in any other part of the world.

Information the North Pole Tracking Center needs most from this area: Eyes on every street is best — and updates every 30 minutes to report obstacles or dangers. It is always a very fluid situation in this part of the world and Santa can never have enough good information.

How Christmas is celebrated: Church services can dominate Christmas Eve festivities and this too delays bedtime for youngsters, especially in South America.

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