Sector 2

Sector HQ: To be announced
Command Center Director: Elf Clifford Moyer
Broadcast Start Time on Kringle Radio: 23 December @ 14:00
Local Time for Santa’s Scheduled Launch: 24 December @ 10:00

Santa TrackersSector 2 covers the countries of China and Russia — and everything south. That makes it the largest geographical areas that Santa delivers to. The area is rich in culture and diversity and both Santa and Christmas are celebrated in different ways. It is a land of many contrasts — huge cities populate coastal areas while remote villages are tiny and spread out in many places; there are many believers but also many non-believers. And some countries welcome Santa while others do not. The work of delivering to this vast area can at times move quickly and surprise those waiting in Sector 3.

Issues that Santa runs into in this sector: Rogue governments in places like North Korea and Iran sometimes cause trouble for Santa. There are good people there and Santa wants to deliver to them so getting good information is vital in the hours leading up to Christmas for them. There is also a huge variety of weather factors that make delivery in this part of the world challenging at time.

Information the North Pole Tracking Center needs most from this area: Good eyes on the ground, especially in South Korea near the border with North Korea. Japan is a popular location for Santa and the need for trackers in metro areas is very important. Weather in the Philippines is sometimes an issue.

How Christmas is celebrated: Christmas is more subdued in Asian cultures but they do celebrate. Sometimes fireworks are used in places in China on Christmas Eve. Most people hang stockings and enjoy a variety of foods at Christmas.

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