Become an Elf

An elf is someone who works for Santa. An elf can work in many jobs.

Before you can get one of those jobs you need to first BECOME AN ELF.

How do you join this merry effort? Just follow these steps.

Learn the Elf Code

Elves live by something called the Elf Code. The code teaches you what it means to be an elf. Being an elf is not something you do for yourself. It is not something you do for Santa. Being an Elf is all about others. The Elf Code teaches you how to do that. You must know the Elf Code.

Click here to learn the Elf Code. 

Take the Elf Oath

Being an elf requires many things – including promises made by you to live by the Elf Code. Working in the Service of Santa means behaving like Santa. Santa, after all, is an elf too. If you want any kind of elf job, you need to take the Elf Oath.

Click here to take the Elf Oath. 

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