Tracker Elf Press Conference

Tracker Elf Press Conference Coverage

Santa Tracker Podcast
Santa Tracker Podcast
Tracker Elf Press Conference Coverage

The annual tracker elf press conference where the new recruiting goal for tracker elves is announced is now underway. Please use the player embedded to listen to it instead of the live Kringle Radio feed, which we understand is experiencing some technical issues this morning. We have been told that the events today are being recorded and will be made available on all websites as well as on Kringle Radio for a short time.

This is a major announcement, elves. For months we have been hearing about the importance of this July 11th event.

I have been told that after the news is announced we will be putting together a chat schedule for the rest of July in Elf Chat to discuss this announcement and answer your questions.

About this Elf: Elf Max Verified Elf Santa's Council Member Senior Elf Sector 5 Community Manager
Elf Max is the webmaster of and Executive Director of the Elf Community. Max has worked in computer systems web development for many years. He has been an anchor for the tracker elf program and has been with this project from the very beginning. When he's not tweaking the website he's running off to fix someone's computer.
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Elf GingerHolly

Thank you so much guys! I was scared that if I got busy that I would no longer get to be an elf but you say that there is nothing to worry about so I trust y’all. Thank you all so much!!! You are very wise Elf Crash Murphy! Thank you for this press conference and your inputs! Keep us updated! Thank you all again so much!!! 🙂

Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Max! Do you know why this coverage is not in Sector 1 news? Thank you, Elf Roger and key elves including Elves Sandy, and Hugo, and Elves Frank and Crash! I need to make sure before asking questions because of my listening skills, hahaha. They talked about changing, one-year freelancer elves, Santa needs one billion reports, we need eight reports to send, Santa was busy for the snowball fight, etc., right? I’d really appreciate it if you could teach me other important things that I missed. Thank you very much, see you soon, and Happy Christmas in July! XD
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