Tracker Elf Conference

Tracker Elf Conference in July

A Tracker Elf Conference has been scheduled as part of Christmas in July at the North Pole.

The event will be held this time in Elf Chat right here on on July 17th between 12pm EST and 3pm EST. An event schedule will be released in the weeks ahead.

A Tracker Elf Conference is a meeting of tracker elves who track Santa for Santa. It is a live chat event that presents training and flight information for tracker elves. Last year the first Tracker Elf Conference was held in the weeks just before Santa launched.

“We’re doing a Tracker Elf Conference as part of Christmas in July for many reasons,” said Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Tracking. “We feel this is a good use of time as part of Christmas in July but more importantly we feel it will give tracker elves a better opportunity to ask questions they have and get them answered by elves in the know.”

The timing of this meeting is curious because the recruiting effort for new elves for 2021 has really just started. We believe millions of more elves will come on board after the Tracker Elf Conference and before Santa flies again.

I asked Elf Roger if that meant a 2nd Tracker Elf Conference would be scheduled closer to Christmas and his answer was “we’ll see”.

Put this one on your calendar, elves.

As we get more information about it I will, of course, share.

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[…] Pole Flight Command and have announced to licensed elves that a Tracker Elf Conference has been scheduled as part of Christmas in July. The event will be hosted in Elf Chat at […]