Sector 1

Sector 1 Soon to Activate

Elves of Sector 1 – wake up!

Flight Command has just issued a test flight schedule update and we’re on it. We’re still setting up the Regional tracking center here in Wiseman’s Creek and we have some bugs to work out. But since the sleigh flights are going to test somewhere over our sector soon I have no choice but to advise that activation will take place soon.

What does activation mean?

It means we can start having elves update their status, we can report on sleigh sightings, we can contribute any kinds of reports that Flight Command needs to help with the test flights of Santa’s sleigh.

It means, we’re on the job!

So, ready or not here in Wiseman’s Creek, we’re going to have trackers in our Sector tracking stuff soon. Please stand by for more information as it become available to me.


About this Elf: Elf Randi Hume Verified Elf Santa's Council Member Sector 1 Elf Supervisor
Ms. Hume has worked for many years at the North Pole as a senior flight planner and associate test pilot. She brings many years of flight experience. Elf Randi will be supported by a staff of elves charged with tracking Santa and aiding in logistics of freight and reindeer movement in the assigned sector.
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Elf Ulan

Thank you, Elf Randi, for sharing this and preparing it with your team! I’m waiting for the activation from you and getting excited too! I’m curious where the test flight will start first in our sector. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to having fun working with all of you elves together! 😊
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