City Captain Training Chat – 3/27/2021

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ELF MERRYSUGER Make sure your ready for training today
ELF Jingle Paws So this is where the City Captain training is happening today
ELF Jingle Bells yes
ELF Jingle Paws Ok
Elf Sandy Claus Hi Everyone…Elf Max should be joining us soon…
Elf Sandy Claus He will be conducting the training
ELF MERRYSUGER ok did u get my recommendation sandy
Elf Sandy Claus I more than likely did. I’m buried in messages. I’ve been out most of the week due to a family emergency
ELF Jingle Paws Ok thank you
Elf SnowBerry hello everyone
Elf Sandy Claus So I have a lot of catch up work to do
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean Evening everyone šŸ˜€
Elf Sandy Claus What time is it there in the Netherlands?
ELF MERRYSUGER i have looked at a few of the application so dont worry sandy take your time
ELF Jingle Paws Good evening
Elf Sandy Claus Probably the same time as in the UK!
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean Almost 10 PM LOL
ELF Jingle Paws No
ELF MERRYSUGER she is 1 hour ahead
ELF Jingle Paws We an hour behind the Netherlands
Elf Sandy Claus It has to be late there
ELF Jingle Paws 9pm here
Elf Max Hi everyone!
Elf SnowBerry Hi Elf Max
Elf Max I’m surprised at how many are here…it’s only March!
Elf Max You are some GREAT elves!
Elf SnowBerry gotta be on top of the game lol!
Elf Sandy Claus Yes!
Elf Max Shall we get started?
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean Just eager to learn LOL
ELF Jingle Paws Yes please
Elf Max Thank you all for being here. This is the first time we’ve done this
Elf Max So forgive me if I’m a little unorganized
ELF Jingle Paws It’s fine
Elf Max We’re going to be taking on a lot of new city captains this year
Elf SnowBerry no worries
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean Those are the best meetings šŸ˜‰
Elf Max So we’re going to be doing this training a lot this year
Elf Max We have been getting so many questions
Elf Max So we thought it best to just jump in early
Elf Max And have this conversation
Elf Max And let you ask questions as we go along
Elf Max The first thing I want to tell you is, RELAX
Elf Max We have plenty of time for City Captain work
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean Oh good, I’d love too hahaha
Elf Max Being a city captain is all about representing the North Pole locally
Elf Max That takes some figuring out
Elf Max But honestly as I have heard Elf Ernest and Santa talk about this
Elf Max You’re not going to be doing much beyond planning between now and Christmas in July
Elf Max planning, planning, planning
ELF Jingle Paws Christmas in July?
Elf Max Between now and Christmas in July you will have time to determine how you’re going to approach other elves in your city
Elf Max Because come December it will be all about the elves near you that you can find
Elf Max So step one of any City Captain is to find more elves where you are
Elf Max Right now, being March, there might not be a lot of interest in elf work
Elf Max But come October-November-December there will be a lot of interest
Elf Max So until that time you are going to come up with a plan
Elf Max One that works for you, and one that works for where you live
Elf Max You have resources available to you
Elf Max You can set up your own group here on [link src=””], for example
Elf Max You can recruit locally through schools, clubs — even just talking to your friends
Elf Max As your friends and family and people you know join the site you can direct them to your group
Elf Max And help them to recruit more elves
Elf Max Does it matter how many you recruit?
Elf Max No…it could be just one or two
Elf Max Or dozens.
Elf Max You do not have a quota or a goal
Elf Max I think more people make it more fun
Elf Max But nobody needs the pressure of a goal
Elf Max You do what you can do
Elf Max At some point, I would say around October, you will want to reach out to your elf supervisor
Elf Max Do you know who your elf supervisor is?
Elf SnowBerry yep, I do
ELF Jingle Paws No
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean I know a lot of people but none of them live in my region LOL
Elf Max Snowberry, where are you again?
Elf SnowBerry West Virgina, In the US
Elf Max Well, Europe is Sector 3 — so your supervisor is Elf Rolf
Elf Max Snowberry, you are in Sector 5 — your elf supervisor is Elf Pinky
ELF Jingle Paws Elf Rolf got it
Elf Max [link src=””]
Elf SnowBerry Elf Pinky is really cool
Elf Max None of the Elf Supervisors are on much right now…they are working on getting their new headquarters set up
Elf Max But they will be more active in the months ahead
Elf Max As city captain, you will want to talk privately with them
Elf Max or maybe they might have a chat of their own for city captains in their sector
Elf Max But all of them will know what the plan is for tracking Santa in their sector
Elf Max And they will lean on you as a city captain to rally the elves in your city
Elf Max By December each sector should have a plan and each of you as city captains should know it
Elf Max Depending upon how many elves there are in your city, and depending upon your schedule, as the days get closer to Christmas you will want to have a plan for your city
Elf Max We think it will get pretty busy here on the site in December
Elf Max We think there will be a lot of new elves with tons of questions
Elf SnowBerry yeah probably
Elf Max We are hoping that you as City Captain will join in the effort to help all the new elves
Elf Max Especially those from your area
Elf Max It happens every year in our effort to get elves…people join late because they don’t think about it until it is closer to Christmas
Elf Max Ok, let me stop there and see if you have questions you want to ask
Elf Max What are the things you want to know?
ELF Jingle Paws Yeah im struggling to find people they all look at me weird.Ā  I don’t think they believe in Santa
Elf SnowBerry if you make a plan for your city do you tell your Elf Supervisor?
Elf Sandy Claus Max, I’m going to be a City Captain this year too. What will happen if I get super busy at Christmas and can’t do it?
Elf Max Ok, good questions. First, finding people is hard, Jingle Paws. But it gets easier as Christmas gets closer
Elf Max Isn’t*t funny how people start to believe once all the trees go up?
ELF MERRYSUGER yes your right max
Elf Max As for your plan, it is always a good idea to discuss it with your Elf supervisor and with other elves you trust
ELF Jingle Paws True what if I found someone in England but not in my area?
Elf Max Get ideas from people
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean I know a lot of people online but none of them are from my region. But I’m still planning on asking them. As the more the merrier right šŸ˜€
Elf Max And Sandy Claus — GOOD FOR YOU! But…don’t worry about how busy you are at Christmas. If you can’t do it, you can’t do it. Don’t be afraid to ask other elves for help
Elf Max Here’s something for you all to think about:
Elf Max Since we redesigned the home page of the site and made it so that elves could sign up as freelance elves or North Pole elves we have noticed something
Elf Max We are getting about twice as many who sign up as Freelance Elves…and we think that will grow
Elf Max That means they do not login when they come to the site
Elf Max They can read tracker news
Elf Max But they do not get to know other elves, read the training or even visit the chat
Elf Max They have NO DIRECTION
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean But they miss out on the good stuff. That’s sad actually.
Elf Max So we know we’re only going to get a fraction of new elves to actually come here and login
Elf Max I think you’re right, it’s a little sad. But it’s their choice
ELF Jingle Paws That’s sad
Elf Max A lot of people, especially parents with younger kids, don’t feel safe online
Elf Max That’s why we don’t see as many log in
Elf Max We understand
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean Free will is very important, but why join then?
Elf Max But that just means we need to work harder to get the news out
Elf SnowBerry yeah that makes sense, hopefully they can fully join when theyre older
ELF Jingle Paws Understandable really
Elf Max As City Captains you will have the means to get news out to them through ME
Elf Max If you feel we can reach more elves for your city through the general news I’ll be glad to help post it
Elf Max That’s your job as a City Captain — to use the tools you have to manage your city
Elf Max And I’m a tool –Ā  you are MY customer
Elf Max Santa purposely does not tell you a lot of what to do in being a City Captain
Elf Max Because he wants you to be creative
Elf Max And to use the site
Elf Max And to use me and Elf Sandy and Elf Merrysuger and your Elf Supervisor to get things done
Elf Sandy Claus Can a City Captain have an assistant?
Elf Max Sure, why not?
Elf Max A City Captain calls the shots for the city
Elf SnowBerry I feel like the ruler of my city lol
Elf Max They can have assistants, co-captains, etc
Elf Max You are the ELF ruler of your city!
Elf Max Just be humble about it!
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean Elf Merrysuger has helped me a lot šŸ˜€
Elf Max And just have fun with it!
ELF MERRYSUGER So max if you dont know someone in that city can u get someone from near by you know
ELF Jingle Bells i have 5 assitents!
Elf Max Elf Merrysuger is one knowledgeable elf
ELF Jingle Paws ‘@Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean: and me too Merrysuger is great
ELF Jingle Bells sorry idk how to spell very well
Elf Max Wow, Jingle Bells!
Elf Max That’s awesome
ELF Jingle Bells 2 of them are dogs 3 are humans lol
Elf Max I know that Santa is thinking of a tracker elf conference during Christmas in July
Elf Max And we might want to have a special session just for City Captains
ELF Jingle Bells really YAY!
Elf Max If that is something that would interest you elves
ELF Jingle Paws What is Christmas in July?
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean That sounds good!
Elf Max Any other questions?
Elf Max Christmas in July is a celebration
Elf Max We more or less celebrate the halfway mark to Christmas by doing various things
ELF Jingle Paws Right?
ELF MERRYSUGER So max if you dont know someone in that city can u get someone from near by you know can u do that
ELF Jingle Paws Ohhh
Elf Max You’ll see more information about that coming out soon
ELF Jingle Bells its where santa announces how many elfs he wants and its the halfway mark to christmas
Elf Max Yes, Merrysuger, you can do that
Elf Max I don’t think we operate by strict city limits
Elf Max Any other questions?
Elf Sandy Claus Max, we will be putting this information into some kind of guide
ELF Jingle Bells @elf sandy claus Plzzz accept me into the sector 5 elves group
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean that’s good news hehe
ELF Jingle Paws Oh good I know 1 or 2 people outside my area but still in England that I could ask
Elf Max Yes, we’re working on that
ELF Jingle Bells plzz accept me into the sector 5 elves group
Elf Sandy Claus I don’t control the Sector 5 Group — Elf Pinky does
Elf Sandy Claus She’ll be updating it soon
ELF Jingle Bells Whoops sorry
Elf Max Yes, the Elf Supervisors are kind of getting some training of their own right now
Elf Sandy Claus Oh, no worries
ELF Jingle Bells got the elves mixed up i thought you were the one lol
Elf Max You’ll see them active here very soon
ELF MERRYSUGER i can deal with group for the meantime
ELF Jingle Bells i just got accepted
Elf Sandy Claus A lot of people mix me and Pinky!
Elf Max Thanks, Merrysuger
ELF Jingle Bells Lol Sorry
Elf Max Ok everyone, that’s all I’ve got for today!
Elf Max Thank you all for being here
Elf Sandy Claus Thanks, Max! Good job!
ELF Jingle Bells oh ok bye
Elf Max Bye everyone!
ELF MERRYSUGER max can u make a sector 3 group for me till rolf is on plz
ELF Jingle Paws Bye Max have a good evening
Elf Max They have all asked me to wait, Merrysuger. But they will be here soon
Elf Cinnamon Scarlet Jellybean Thank you Max, this was fun.
ELF Jingle Bells yes it was fun!