Become an ElfThere are several steps to become an elf. The first steps include learning about being an elf. Please visit to begin this process. There you will need to:

  1. Learn the Elf Code
  2. Take the Elf Oath

Once that business is taken care of you will need to decide what kind of elf you want to be – a Freelance Elf or a North Pole Elf.

What’s the difference?

A Freelance Elf works independently – as a contractor.

You follow North Pole News on your own and you submit reports to North Pole Flight Command independently. This kind of elf does not require a log-on to this or any other Official North Pole website.

This option is great for younger elves who want to remain anonymous. If you desire to track Santa for Santa as a freelance elf please click here to register.

If instead you want to become a North Pole Elf and work towards a career at the North Pole, please continue as instructed below.

A North Pole Elf registers here to use this website, join the Elf Community and to begin the elf experience.

This is for serious fans of Santa Claus and requires regular use of this and other Official North Pole websites. To proceed, please provide the following information:

Resend Activation Code

Please enter your registered email address here so that we can resend you the activation link.