Pointsmania with Elf Crash Murphy

Crusader Christmas
Crusader Christmas
Pointsmania with Elf Crash Murphy

Pointsmania is the topic of this conversation between me, Elf Crusader, and Elf Crash Murphy.

Crash, as you know, is Santa’s Eye-in-the-Sky reporter who tracks Santa in the best way possible. He’s right behind him, in a sleigh of his own, tracking Santa and reporting about it on live radio.

Crash is a leader in the tracker elf community and trains many, including Elf Supervisors, on the finer points of tracking Santa.

In this new episode of the Crusader Christmas Podcast Crash and I have an extended conversation about the changes in points on SantaTrackers.net and what it means for tracker elves everywhere. Crash explains Santa’s thinking with all the changes.

Crash told me that Santa is making elves here. He sees the tracker elf population out there as future North Pole elves who can contribute in many ways to his mission.

Crash was kind enough as well to delve into a couple of side topics, too – and slipped in a story or two along the way, including a great one about the time he dropped a hammer through a roof on Christmas Eve trying to give Santa a hand.

You can hear it above or over on the SantaTrackers.net podcast page.

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Elf Crusader
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Elf Max

Nice job on this episode, Elf Crusader. I enjoy your conversations with Crash!

Elf Cookie Dough

Great episode Elf Crusader I enjoy listening to all your podcasts.

Elf GingerHolly

Great job! Very interesting!!!

Elf Ulan

Thank you Elf Crusader and Elf Crash! I was listening to it over and over because a lot of information in it. I really respect Elf Crash, he always leads us to work for Santa as an elf. In this episode, I noticed again how to join the Elf Community. I think that’s one of very importance, and I want to make conscious my mind like him. I’ll still enjoy listening to it. Thank you again Elf Crusader for this episode, and merry Christmas!

Elf Sugar Cookie

Nicely done! You both are wonderful elves, and this podcast was a good reminder of how important giving is, not just at Christmas but year-round.