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  • Celebrate Anniversaries

    Stick around! You get big points on your anniversary of being a tracker elf.

  • Get Verified

    Fill out that profile completely and get that checkmark next to your name. It’s worth points!

  • Join Groups

    There’s gold in them thar groups! Sign up and participate.

  • Tracker Reports

    Nothing gets you points like sending reports to North Pole Flight Command.

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  1. # 1Profile Photo
    18569 Tracker Points
  2. # 2Profile Photo
    Elf Cookie Dough
    15372 Tracker Points
  3. # 3Profile Photo
    Elf Max
    13665 Tracker Points
  4. # 4Profile Photo
    Elf Pinky
    13653 Tracker Points
  5. # 5Profile Photo
    12426 Tracker Points
Total Tracker Points Sitewide: 565,796
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