Christmas Report

Local Christmas Report Needed

Good afternoon, elves of Sector 3!

First of all, we have been fielding some questions about the earthquakes and volcanic activity near to us at the Regional Tracking Center here in Vik, Iceland.

I want to assure you that we are safe. Elf Roger Star of North Pole Flight Command dispatch a team of specialists and emergency personnel to monitor the situation since it became apparent earlier this week that a major event is happening in Iceland. So far, the Regional Tracking Center here remains operational. If a need to move comes the decision will be made under the direction of local government. We are ready for anything that might happen.

In the meantime, we remain hard at work in preparing for Santa’s flight in our Sector.

We have been asked by North Pole Flight Command – sector-wide, so all of Europe and Africa – to send in a current Local Christmas Report as soon as possible (within 10 days).

This is not an unusual request and it likely will not be the last time it will be requested of us.

Also, we have been informed that the test flights of Santa’s sleigh will be over our sector some time later this month. I don’t know dates yet but will let you know when I know.

Thank you!

About this Elf: Elf Rolf Janssen Verified Elf Santa's Council Member Sector 3 Elf Supervisor

Elf Rolf is a native of Austria. As a young man he moved to Russia and was a refugee of that country in 1915 when he found his way to Santa’s employ. Skilled in carpentry, Rolf was given duties in Santa’s workshop where he worked for many years. Charged with building the first airplane Santa ever flew in 1927 — thanks to his wood working skills — Elf Rolf was transferred to the Research and Development Department where he served for many years as a sleigh designer and eventually as a flight test pilot.

Rolf took a departure from that work in the mid-1960s when he pursued a degree in computer science, a pioneering field for the North Pole. He returned in 1968 and for years served in data processing before being transferred to the North Pole Tracking and Flight Command Center as an IT specialist. He was instrumental in helping Santa to set up a network of satellites that have become the backbone of North Pole information systems to this day.

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Elf Westover

Ok I Want To Report If You Need Help.

Elf Ulan

Hello, Elf Rolf. I am so sorry to hear that about the earthquake in Iceland. I knew it from the chat with Mrs. Claus. I feel relieved that the elves there were okay. But please take care of it. My area is finally coming Christmas spirit around, so I hope your sector has more Christmas! XD
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