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It takes a lot of elves to help Santa get around the world. Doing it in one night isn’t easy, you know. There are news elves, reindeer elves, sleigh elves, and workshop elves. The North Pole has many large departments full of elves: the Wrapping Department, the Packing Department, the Department of Elf Resources, the Post Office Department and — the biggest department of the all – the Tracking Department. 

All of those elves in all of those departments are important and have big jobs to do. But guess what all elves become on Christmas Eve? They become tracker elves. That is why many of them come here — to connect with tracker elves all over the world! 

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Elf Roger Star

You never know which tracker elf will be the one who saves Santa. 

Elf Ernest

You are the news. Without trackers tracking Santa for Santa, there is no news. 

Elf Sandy Claus

The first and most important job an elf can have is as a tracker elf. 

A world without Santa is like a world without sugar. Unthinkable. 

No matter where Santa goes, you elves are there. Think about it. 

Elf Frank Myrrh

News isn’t made. It’s experienced. 

Elf Crash Murphy

The sleigh is the only vehicle in the world where speed matters more than accuracy.

Counting down to Christmas is an art and I’m a crayon. 

Tracking Department Elves

Elves you might be working with as a Tracker Elf

I sleigh ’em…

There’s a reason they call us #1…

Flying reindeer are my specialty

Strudel is good for your noodle. 

We’re small but mighty. 

The biggest is always the best. 

Elf Community Management

Elves working SantaTrackers.net Elf Community to help you

We support the School of Nog

Elf Harold Star

All the news of you…

Elf Flip

Get in there and win one for the Flipper…

What happens on social media is forever. 

The #1 ingredient is love. 

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