Elf Ranks

Elf Ranks represent your growth as an elf. For each point type there are specific ranks you can attain the longer you work as an elf and the more you in your various elf roles.

Elf Ranks

Newbie Elf
Tracker Elf
Veteran Elf
Pro Elf
Elite Elf
Altair Elf
Double Altair
Triple Altair
Grand Altair
Ultimate Altair

Tracker Ranks

Tracker - Bronze Level 1
Tracker - Bronze Level 2
Tracker - Bronze Level 3
Tracker - Silver Level 1
Tracker - Silver Level 2
Tracker - Silver Level 3
Tracker - Gold Level 1
Tracker - Gold Level 2
Tracker - Gold Level 3
Tracker Master

Santa Ranks

Santa Level 1
Santa Level 2
Santa Level 3
Santa Level 4
Santa Level 5
Santa Level 6
Santa Level 7
Santa Level 8
Santa Level 9
Master Santa
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