Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are a new way to receive extra points. The can be for any given point type – elf points, tracker points or Santa points.

As you work on you may be presented with multiple opportunities to get extra points. Applying for a certain elf job may result in being sent a bonus code, for example.

A bonus code works kind of like a coupon. You are sent the code and to redeem it you have to go to one of your points pages, where you will see this interface:

Bonus Code

You will see a confirmation message show up on this screen when the points are added to your account.

You can also check “My History” in your profile to see if they show up in the log as well.

Bonus codes can be shared with you as you do things on, in private messages from authorized staff, or even heard on Kringle Radio. They will be very prevalent during the Santa tracking season especially, which runs from the start of Operation Merry Christmas until Christmas Day.

Please note that Tracker reports are especially incentivized with bonus codes. Opportunities to gain a lot of points will be there for active trackers who can report to Flight Command during the critical hours of December 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

To learn how bonus codes work please visit your Tracker Points Summary page and enter the code BONUS into the box. You will see a bonus of ten points added to your account there.

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