Sector 5

Sector Activated
Local Christmas

Sector 5 Local Christmas Report

Howdy, Elves!I have to tell you, I was really disappointed…

Slow Sleighs Over Sector 5 Soon

Hey gang - I just got a weird update from North Pole Flight Command.…
Sector 5 Weather

Fresh Request for Sector 5

Gang, I know this might seem confusing. But we need weather forecasts…

An Update for Tracker Elves

(From the Office of Elf Roger Star - International Director of…
Radio News

Radio News Report of Sleigh Crash

Elf Frank Myrrh and Elf Crash Murphy have now filed this radio…
Sleigh Crash

Sleigh Crash Reported in the South Pacific

North Pole Flight Command is reporting that one of the sleighs…

Chat with Crash This Saturday

If you are available we invite you over to and…
Sector 5

Sector 5 Alert Possible

The test flights of Santa's Sleigh will engage with the North…

Reports Slowly Coming In

Reports to North Pole Flight Command are a little slow to come…
Weather Report

Weather Report Requested

We need a WEATHER REPORT from all areas of Sector 5 by August…
Sector 5 Activated

Sector 5 Now Activated

Hi, Kids. Hahaha. Sorry. That was a dumb way to start this.I'm…

Sector 5 Nears Activation

Hi Elf Friends - I send you greetings from Mistletoe, Kentucky…
New Report

New Report Added for Trackers

A new report has been added to the Trackers Report menu. It's…
Tracking Santa

A New Era of Tracking Santa Begins

A new era of tracking Santa has begun.Starting in the next…
Heavy Weather

Heavy Weather Flights to Be Tested

Hey gang - I just received word that Sector 5 will soon be the…

Radio News Highlight

North Pole Radio News Anchor Al Pyne learns of a close encounter with Santa at a skate park in Oklahoma City.

Tracker Elves

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