Elf Parade Photo Submission

The Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade is a grand tradition at the North Pole. It is the event that kicks off a massive Thanksgiving celebration. Elves gather with their decorated trikes, bikes, scooters, and vehicles and march in great elf costumes up Main Street of North Pole Village.

For the first time ever, Santa has invited elves who live in other parts of the world to celebrate as well. You are encouraged to wear your best creative Elf costume and to dress up your trike, bike, scooter or other favorite vehicle for parading and share it with us, so we can share it with the world.

To do so, if you are a North Pole Elf, you can just share it via the Elf Wall. But we have another option is you don’t want to do that.

To enter your photo to the Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade Showcase please send in your image via the form below:

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