Elf Community Guides

How it all works!

SantaTrackers.NetFrequently Asked Questions and Terms of Service — We are Santa’s elves. That means we conduct ourselves at very high standards. We follow the Elf Code and we take the Elf Oath. It is important that every elf read the Frequently Asked Questions, Elf Work Rules and our Terms of Service.

2nd Class ElfElf Basic Training – The work of a tracker elf is more complex than you realize. We understand how hard it is to know what to do as a brand new elf. So we have developed a comprehensive training course that shows you the way. Through it you will learn the lingo, understand your responsibilities as an elf and you will be shown just what to do to help Santa get around the world. Click here to begin.

Verified ElfVerified Elf Badge – A verified elf gets a “check mark” next to their name that appears in profiles and in posts on the Elf Wall. Once the criteria is met you are also awarded 250 points for obtaining the badge.

For more information about obtaining this badge and what is required for it, please see this link.

Altair ElfPoints, Elf Types, Ranks and Badges – SantaTrackers.net employs a point system to reward elves for participating in the community. Points can help an elf of any type improve in rank and to obtain new elf jobs. The longer you are an elf and the more your participate in the community the more points you can obtain. To get detailed information about how points, rank, types and badges work in the elf community, please see this link.

1st Class ElfHow to Become a 1st Class Elf — There are three grades of elves: Junior Elf 3rd Class, Elf 2nd Class and Elf 1st Class. Naturally, every elf aspires to become a 1st Class Elf. To do that there are certain steps you need to take. To learn more about them, please see this link.

Elf TrainingThe Elf Knowledge Test – Want a better elf job? Why not test your skills and your elf expertise? This simple, self-directed test has been designed by the Department of Elf Resource to test you and to give you a showcase. If you do well on the test you might land a better elf job. This is a tool to not only help you get a better job but to also help you be a better elf. Click here to read more about it.