Sector 3 Elves Can Now Begin Check In

Oh ye great trackers of Europe and Africa!

We have received word from North Pole Flight Command to begin checking in trackers from our Sector. This is just a process to let us know which elves are activated and ready to track Santa for Santa. Keep an eye on the countdown clock in the upper left to know when Santa leaves the North Pole.

Please check in below:

Please give us a summary of your availability.

Asia & the Middle East Trackers Check In

Hello Trackers from Asia and the Middle East!

Our time has come! We can begin checking in NOW:

Please give us a summary of your availability.

Sector 1 Trackers Begin Checking In

This is it Trackers!

Within 24 hours we will be in the Red Zone. That means 24 hours from right about now it will be Christmas Eve in our Sector — and we’ll be on the job tracking Santa in our sector. The first in the world.

Please take this time before we land in the Red Zone to check in via the form below. And remember, this is for SECTOR 1 ELVES ONLY:

Please give us a summary of your availability.

Elf Training #24 – Air Traffic Reports

Elf TrainingGreetings, Trackers!

Today we talk about one of the most important and exciting reports you can ever send to the North Pole – the air traffic report.

Now, most elves think this is a boring report. But that’s because they don’t really think.

Here’s the deal: to do this report you have to either go outside and look up, or check out the sky from a window if you have a good view.

What are you looking for?

You’re looking for things that fly. Planes, helicopters — or Santa Claus.

Yes, we actually want you to look for Santa. Granted, you might be pushing the limits of a bedtime advisory if you actually see Santa flying in your neighborhood.

That doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you report it.

Your evaluation of Santa in flight is just as valid as anyone else’s. Of course Flight Command is going to want to know about it.

This is not a complex report. You can see a sample of it below or click here:

Elf Training #23 – Local Ground Reports

Elf TrainingThe local ground report is one that you will be filling out pretty close to when Santa launches. It is very important that this report is accurate close to when Santa will be there.

In many neighborhoods is it not practical for Santa to land on the rooftop. Sometimes there are obstacles like phone lines or antennas that make landing on a roof impossible. Sometimes a roof is just too small.

In those cases Santa has to land on the ground.

He usually likes to land in a yard, preferably on a level grassy area if there is room. Santa’s sleigh is much larger than people realize. More often than not, Santa just has to park the sleigh on the street.

As you can see, Santa has to make a lot of decisions as a sleigh pilot when it comes to landing.

This is why the local ground report is so very important. You can help Santa to know exactly what to look out for or you can even tell him where you think the best place for him will be to park the sleigh.

When Santa lands in a neighborhood here is what is going through his mind (I talked with him about this a lot):

  1. Where is it safe?
  2. Where is it level?
  3. Where can I put the sleigh that will make the steps to a house as few as possible?
  4. Where can I put the sleigh to keep it close to a water source (so he can give the reindeer water)?
  5. Where can I put the sleigh to make for a fast take off?

Don’t be shy in telling Santa exactly what you think with this report. Pretend you are landing the sleigh and tell Santa what you would do if you were the sleigh pilot.

Your supervisor will be sending you word when it will be the best time to send in this report. Your elf supervisor may ask for this report more than one time from you. If conditions change — say, the weather — they may feel an updated local ground report will be necessary.

Click here to access this report.

Questions? Please put them in the comments below.


Elf Training #22 – Weather Reports

Hi Elves. I’ve been putting this training off for a while because it’s so boring. I mean, who wants to report on the weather?

Well, you do.

The weather is the most common thing you will be reporting. And since it changes a lot you will be reporting it a lot.

Doing a weather report is not hard. Just go to this link and fill out the information.

But before you do that, look out the window. Better yet, if it is safe, just go outside for a minute and check things out. Look up and down your street. Look up in the sky. Write down the things you notice.

Then come back in and fill out your report.

I know that all sounds boring. But it’s a necessary thing. Santa needs to know what you see. His sleigh is an open sleigh. So if it is raining or snowing, that’s important information, right? If it is windy, Santa should know that. If there is lightning, it would be a good thing for Santa to know.

If it was YOU driving that sleigh, how important would the weather be to you?

That’s how you should report it.

Pay attention, you guys. If there is one thing that your supervisor will ask a lot of you for it will be a weather report. You need to be ready.

Elf Training #21 – Photo Reports

Sometimes it is necessary to send a picture to North Pole Flight Command to show what you’re trying to say.

Sometimes your elf supervisor might ask you to send a photo. Sometimes you might just want to submit a photo on your own.

We have a report for that. It is called a Photo Submission Reportclick here to see it.

For example, let’s say there’s a roof or a chimney you think might be a problem for Santa. Why not take a quick picture of it with your phone? That link above is how you turn that photo in.

We get thousands and thousands of images every Christmas from trackers around the world. They are very helpful. Some times they show weather issues or traffic issues. Sometimes we get pictures of obstacles or changes in the local landscape. Many trackers use photos to show Santa how things in their area might have changed since the last time he was there.

All of these are great ideas.

If you want to practice sending a photo by using this report, just take a quick picture of your Christmas tree — or, better yet, take a SELFIE in front of your Christmas tree and send it in.

More Info About the Tracker Elf Conference

Since posting about the Tracker Elf Conference for December 13th we have received many questions. I hope this post will answer them. Here are the basics:

Who: All Tracker Elves
What: Tracker Elf Conference (a virtual meeting of all trackers worldwide)
When: Sunday, December 13th, 2020 3pm-6pm EST
Where: The North Pole Chat Room at
More Information: As posted at

The decision was made to hold the conference based on many factors:

  1. Questions Santa is receiving from concerned children all over the world.
  2. Questions North Pole Flight Command is receiving from new tracker elves
  3. Concerns about how Santa will deliver during the pandemic
  4. Questions about how the North Pole works
  5. Concerns about receiving news and direction from Santa

There is a lot of confusion out there about “who” exactly speaks for Santa when he flies around the world. The tracker elf conference will sort all this out and answer those questions.

This is the agenda:

3:00 pm EST – Elf Crash Murphy – The World’s Foremost Santa Tracker (and eye-in-the-sky reporter for North Pole Radio News) will discuss the very basics of tracking Santa for Santa.

3:30 pm EST – Elf Ed Zachary – Famed Santa Defender and Columnist for the North Pole Gazette will talk about Elf on the Shelf and who the really are

4:00 pm EST – Elf Max the Miracle Worker – Lead Tracker Elf Training at will discuss the right Santa tracker to use and other tools for those who Track Santa 4 Santa

4:30 pm EST – Elf Frank Myrrh – News Anchor for North Pole Radio News discusses using radio in Santa tracking efforts

5:00 pm EST – Elf Roger Star – International Director of Santa Trackers will discuss Santa’s flight plan and how sectors work

5:30 pm EST – Our closing speaker is a surprise mystery guest.

Do I need to register for this Conference?

You don’t have to register but it would be most helpful if you could through this form below. We want to get an idea of how many to expect:



Tracker Elf Ticket Support System to Be Suspended Soon

Tracker Elf BulletinOn Friday, December 11th, the Tracker Elf Ticket Support system will be suspended for the season. This is a normal operation.

The ticket support system is implemented during the early pre-season months to facilitate communication on special needs of tracker elves. However, with about two weeks to go now to launch our tracker elf support needs to shift from individual to broad-based support.

Tracker elves will be asked to address questions and concerns via comments on posted news and instruction from this point forward.

As a reminder, the Tracker Elf Conference scheduled for this weekend will be an excellent forum to ask questions.

Thank you.

Chats with Elves in Flight Command

Hey Trackers!

If you follow you know that the chat calendar is always very full in December. In fact, I’ll be doing another chat next week. I hope you can join us.

But a number of us were sitting around and talking last night about chat. We’re wondering if we should do a chat ONLY for Santa Tracker Elves? What do you think? Please comment below.

Also, we want to know if there are particular elves you want to chat with.

I know that the chat Elf Roger Star did was pretty popular. Do you want to chat again with him?

Please give us your ideas in the comments below. Also, please tell us what TIME would be best to schedule these chats.


Elf Training #20 – Chimney Inspections

Elf TrainingGreetings, Trackers!

Let’s talk today about Chimney Inspections. Without a doubt one of the most common questions we get is this: what if a home does not have a chimney? What about apartments or duplexes or other types of houses that most of the time do not have a fireplace and thus no chimney?

It is a good question and one with a simple answer: Santa just goes through the door.

That answer, however, brings up other questions: How does Santa get past a locked door? If Santa doesn’t or can’t park the sleigh on the roof, where does he park?

We understand the questions and try to give you simple answers. The truth of the matter is that Santa is more concerned about moving quickly and efficiently so that he can get to everyone. Whether he gets into a home by way of a door, a window or a chimney really does not matter to him. He just wants to get in and get out as fast as he can.

It is important that you know this. Our job, as elves, is to help Santa to do his job.

With all that in mind, you need to report to the North Pole what YOU think is the fastest way for Santa to do his job. Take a look at your house. Take a look at the houses in your neighborhood. Tell North Pole Flight Command about what you see.

If you think, for example, that the Smith home would be easier to get into on Christmas Eve by going through the backdoor, just report that.

How does Santa get through a locked door? Well, that’s a secret they haven’t told me yet. I personally think that Santa is a master locksmith, but don’t quote me on that.

Santa is more likely to use a door than he will a chimney these days.

But, Santa is not opposed to using a chimney if a house has one. But if he does use a chimney he sure wants to know what you think if it.

That’s where chimney inspections come in. You do a great service to Santa and to North Pole Flight Command if you share what you think.

You can submit a chimney inspection report by going to this link. You’ll notice that like the other report forms we use this one is very simple. Because you have to log in to the website we don’t have to know much about YOU. From your login we know where you are and what general area you are reporting from. That information is automatically recorded and sent with every report you file as a tracker elf.

A chimney inspection is very important for Santa. The closer you can do it to December 23rd, the better. If you find a chimney looks suspect to you we encourage you to take a photo with your phone and just send it in as a photo submission report.

This is the real stuff of tracker elf work. Your eyes and your report are USED by Santa. They help him to move faster and to stay safer. Thank you for your efforts to help Santa.

Sector 3 HQ Moves to Scotland

Update for Sector 3Greetings Great Elves of Sector 3!

It took a few days and finally we have good news to report. The space for the new Tracking Center HQ for sector 3 has been obtains and engineers are on their way now to Star, Scotland to begin work on the new facility there. Like all regional North Pole tracking centers, I cannot disclose the precise location. The facility will be unmarked and locked to the public.

Plans that I have seen for the building show that it will not need to be remodeled and that with the exception of a live Internet connection it will be ready for us very soon — as soon as the 9th or 10th, about a week or so away. As such, we could be the first regional tracking center the North Pole will have in operation.

That’s very good news for us in Sector 3. North Pole Flight Command tells me that the growth in Santa tracker elves for Europe and Africa is exceptional this year. We will need a little extra time to get organized and prepared for all the new reports we anticipate receiving this year.

I have received some communication from a few new elves who are asking for an in person meeting.

I’m not sure that will be possible. Just so you know I have asked senior management for their thoughts on that and I will let you know what they tell me.

Given all we need to do in the next week or so the elves in Sector 3 should be aware that it might be more than a week before I send another communication to you. But, that being said, I think you can count on me sending regular updates to you from about the 12th or so moving forward.

Looking forward to a great Christmas of tracking Santa with you trackers in the GREAT Sector 3!