Santa Tracker

A tracker elf tracks Santa for Santa.

Santa needs the help of tracker elves to keep him safe and to help him get around the world quickly.

What’s great about this elf job is that you can do it from anywhere. In fact, it is best that this job is done where Santa delivers – because your main job as a tracker elf is to inform the North Pole of local conditions.

Now that you have learned the Elf Code and taken the Elf Oath your next step is to register as a tracker elf. Once registered you will work for a brief period of time as a FREELANCE ELF.

A freelance elf works on a contract basis. When you register you work on your own until December 26th. That is when your contract ends. To work another year as a freelance elf you will need to register again.

Freelance Elves enjoy:

  • Access to Elf-only news and information from the North Pole
  • Access to the Santa tracking map during test flights and Santa’s flight itself
  • Limited access to Elf University
  • Limited site access

As a freelance elf you have 90 days to prove your worth. If you follow instructions, provide good reports and impress your Elf Supervisor, he or she may recommend you as a full-time NORTH POLE ELF.

North Pole Elves enjoy:

  • Membership in the Elf Community here on
  • An Elf license
  • Full access to Elf University
  • Contact with your Elf Supervisor and other elves from the North Pole
  • Access to year-round commercial-free Kringle Radio
  • Exclusive Elf News
  • LIVE Elf Chat
  • The opportunity to apply for other elf jobs
  • Customized Elf Profile is completely free of charge and carries no commercial messaging.

Register as an Elf
Santa Tracker Map
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